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IBIS Healthy Lifestyle Guide

Nutrition is the study of food at work in our bodies, our source for energy, and the medium for which our nutrients can function. Nutrition is the building blocks of life.

By eating a variety of nutritious food, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy weight range and being physically active, can result in an increase in life expectancy and one free from sickness and disease.

Through the IBIS Pricing Policy, a large selection of quality foods is available at reduced pricing.  The most significant area is in the fruit and vegetables range that is highly reduced to enable pricing that matches or is lower than mainland pricing.

Healthy eating is about making good choices

Through ongoing education and availability of greater choice, customers are encouraged to choose healthier options.  The creation of an icon that depicts a healthier choice has assisted customers identify the ‘healthier’ choice.

School students in the Torres Strait were asked to develop the icon, with the winning entrant being a plate that includes a tick of approval.  This badging concept has seen a significant increase in the consumption of fruit and vegetables, water instead of sugar carbonated drinks and also a reduction in the consumption of sugared items in some communities.

Other strategies include the promotion of choice;

  • multigrain or wholemeal bread over white breads,
  • brown or long grain rice (like low GI Basmati and Doongara) over white short grain rice,
  • water over sugared drinks
  • lean meat over fattier meats
  • fruit as an alternative to some of the sugared snack foods
  • removing visible fat from steaks and remove skin from chicken before cooking
  • eating fish 2 to 3 times a week
  • choosing low fat dairy products
  • choose fresh over processed foods
  • reduce the consumption of high salted foods

There are easy ways to include healthy foods in your diet, see the Healthy Lifestyle Booklet.

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