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IBIS Healthy Choice Program

With Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders representing the majority of IBIS’ customer base, and with statistics highlighting the high incidence of chronic disease amongst Indigenous communities, IBIS can play a lead role in creating healthier lifestyles choices through ‘The Healthy Choice Program’.

The Healthy Choice Program that has been in effect since 2009 has initiated the availability of a wider range of nutritious foods in stores, the employment of a Nutritionist and also sponsorship programs that promote a more active lifestyle.

IBIS has demonstrated its commitment in this area through the installation of state of the art fruit and vegetable refrigerators into all island stores.  This alone has resulted in significant increases in the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables by improving the range of fruit and vegetables available on the islands and by providing fresh, high quality products.

IBIS also worked proactively with Queensland Health in the ‘Green is Good’ and ‘Go for 2 and 5’ campaigns in recent years.

In this light IBIS recognises that it can have a significant impact on the health outcomes in the communities it serves and has augmented its involvement in this by a program designed specifically to promote healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits throughout its customer base in the communities of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area.

The IBIS Healthy Choice Program also includes:

  • A pricing policy that specials only healthy food
  • Provides a range of quality, affordable, healthy and nutritious products
  • The employment of a Store Nutritionist to promote healthy food choices and increased exercise in the communities; and
  • A partnership with Coca Cola promoting water and non-sugared drinks as the refreshment of choice.

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