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IBIS & Coca Cola Campaign

Coca Cola and IBIS have partnered in the common goal of reducing the consumption of sugared drinks in the Torres Strait Region.

Recognising that sugar is a major contributor to the high rate of diabetes and obesity in the region, the following strategies have been implemented through this partnership with the hope of encouraging IBIS customers to reach for a bottle of cold water first to quench their thirst:

Pricing and Promotion:

  • Only reduced or non-sugared drink varieties are visible in IBIS’s advertising, helping to promote healthier alternatives.
  • Keeping the price of chilled and non-chilled bulk water as low as possible is a priority, and water is sold at a reduced margin to achieve this goal.


  • Water and non-sugared drinks are displayed in prominent locations in the stores, with water taking prime positions to attract customers’ attention.
  • Top quality display chillers provided free of charge to all IBIS stores by Coca Cola primarily promoting ‘Mount Franklin Water’ with their signature product ‘Coca Cola’ taking a back stage.

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