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Healthy Eating, Healthy Life

IBIS’s commitment to health and well-being continues through ongoing education in the promotion of healthy food choices and the benefits of exercise to the people of the Torres Strait and Northern Peninsula Area.

The goals of this program are:

  • To promote the preparation and serving of flavoursome, attractive and nutritious food to people in the communities through regular in-store cooking demonstrations;
  • To educate on healthy ways of preparing traditional recipes;
  • To publish a range of recipes for healthy meals cooked with products that are readily available and affordable in these communities;
  • To identify and highlight healthy foods available in IBIS stores through signage, shelf markers and publication of recipes;
  • To educate IBIS Store Managers on healthy foods to ensure appropriate ranging of products is available in the stores; and
  • To provide an on-the-ground champion for healthy eating and healthy lifestyle choices.

Download the IBIS Healthy Lifestyle Guide.

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